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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  February 19, 2013 7:00am-9:00am PST

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we have a winter weather advisory, highs today, upper 40s and 5 ross and coming up -- more shall -- upper 50s and more coming up on mornings on 2. we have live team coverage and we have more reports on rain after a dry spell, we have live team coverage. we will take you on a virtual run, stay right here with us.
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>> reporter: showers falling, once again, into the north bay. what your morning commute might look like coming up. more drama as the olympic star track returns to court. why his tearful testimony may result in a delay. and a huge tree comes crashing down on a multi- million dollar house. >> reporter: we're live in palo alto where everyone who follows them online will be taken on a virtual ride along. we'll tell you why it is so important to them.
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good morning. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's tuesday, february 19th. we're on stormwatch as rain returns to the bay area for the first time in two weeks. we've been covering this live for you since 4:30. we have team coverage. steve paulson is tracking the temperatures and even snow. sal castanedo is looking out for the traffic. but alex savidge shows us the conditions in petaluma. >> reporter: good morning, tori. we're seeing a brief band of showers kind of blowing through this area in petaluma, where we've been all morning long. this is highway 101. this is southbound traffic coming toward the camera. the roads are slick. this is right at the redwood highway exit. we've seen the roads. they've been wet all morning long. it could be a rough commute because of the system moving into the area. you look up there very ommy
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nows clouds off in the distance and there's more rain coming today. let me show you what things looked like earlier in the morning. this is at about 4:30 in the morning, a steady rain was falling in the area. the roads were very wet for quite some time. that rain moved through quickly. when it's all said and done, some spots could get up to .50 of rain today. the national weather service is predicting this blast of cold weather could potentially bring hail in some spots. as we bling you back out -- bring you back out here live, you can see traffic is moving slicely but the roads are slick this morning. as you head out the door, give yourself some extra time. obviously this band of showers moving through the bay area right now. wherever you are, make sure you take some extra time as you head off to work and school. let me toss it over to sal castanedo in the traffic
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center. >> good morning. we're gonna start off in daly city, northbound 280 as you come up to hickey boulevard. there's an injury crash blocking the two left lanes and the traffic leaving south san francisco getting up to daly city or if you are trying to get up to san francisco on 280, it will be a tough one. southbound 280 will be slow past the scene as you can clearly see the crash there. there's another problem on 680 southbound this morning. we had an earlier crash at 24. it was blocking lanes a little bit. and 680 was backed up, stop and go to walnut creek. if you are driving to some of the other major spots, give yourself plenty of time. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza and the traffic here is going to be pretty busy. it's backed up for about a 20- minute delay before you make it through. on 880, it's a little bit wet
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but so far this commute looks all right as you try to get into downtown oakland. stay with us. we have expanded traffic and weather all morning long. let's go to steve. all right, sal. thank you. our system is moving in. there's not a lot of rain in this system. there's a lot of cold air. if we can hold onto the moisture, we'll get some snow. winter weather advisories out for low snow levels. it looks like it's going to napa county. it will be close. it's visiting us later today. some of that rain has turned to know up in mendocino county. i think .25 to .50 will cover the rain today. a lot of cold air is coming in with it. there's a couple of breaks in the clouds. a beautiful sunrise. winter weather advisory for low snow levels around 2,000 feet. not only mount tam but mt. diablo and the santa cruz mountains. this afternoon could be one.
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we had some reports of snow around the 2400-foot level. rain is picking up in sonoma county, napa county, marin county. this will be more of a late- morning/ early-afternoon event. there's not a lot with this but there are some splash-and-dash hours. redwood being one. upper 40s, very, very low 50s. we'll have more coming up in about five minutes. 7:05. if you are headed to sfo, check ahead of time, see if your flight is on time. virgin america posted a twitter message saying passengers may be delayed because of the weather. so far there's no delays but that could change later today. oakland airport and san jose international have no delays. we'll be tracking this new storm for you. you can take our stormwatch
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with you -- with you on the mobile app. you can also get weather alerts by signing up for mobile it is 7:05. hayward police are trying to determine if there are suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of a woman behind a supermarket. police say the woman was found last night at a homeless camp near the food max store on industrial parkway. investigators are now trying to figure out if the woman died of natural causes or if her death is suspicious. during an emotional bail hearing for olympic athlete oscar pistorius, he explained the horrific moments as his girlfriend died in his arms. during the hearing, he admitted to shooting his girlfriend because he says he thought she was a robber. pus sore just says he -- pus soria says he heard a noise and felt vulnerable because he didn't have his prosthetic legs. after he started to shoot at
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the bathroom door, he noticed his girlfriend was not in bed. he carried the cricket bat and shot her. he broke down in tears. finally, the court decided to delay the hearing until tomorrow morning. and he's facing more serious allegations this morning. this comes after claims in the murder investigation that steroids were found inside his home. the anti-doping agency is currently monitoring the situation and says his medals could be taken away if it's discovered he was taking steroids before or during the london games. the court hearing game on the same day friends and family gathered to say their goodbyes to reeva steenkamp. during the service, family members demanded harsh pupistorius. following the hour-long service, steevkamp was
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cremated. new this morning, president obama will be holding a white house event. in fact, just 45 minutes from right now, -- from right now to pressure congress about the spending cuts to kick in march 1st. the president will be urging congress to avoid the budget cuts known as the sequester for the debt reduction plan that would include spending cuts and higher tax revenues by closing loopholes. however, republicans are insisting on a plan with spending cuts only? back here at home, first it was palo alto police doing an online outreach. this morning, city firefighters are holding their own virtual ride along. janine de la vega is live with more on this high-tech event. >> reporter: we're here at fire station 1. this is the bussest
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fire station in -- busiest fire station in palo alto. one of the engines and ambulances will be taking us on a virtual ride along. if you follow palo alto on twitter, right now, they have 400 followers but they are hoping to gain more. to tell us more about why they want to do this, we're joined by the deputy fire chief here. why are you doing this? >> we want people to have a better understanding of what it is like to be a firefighter and to follow us on both twitter or took. so when there is an an emergency and we need to -- there is an emergency and we need to notify people, we can do that directly. >> reporter: so this is more so a relationship can be built so they can find out information or -- >> absolutely. absolutely. a lot of times we'll go on auto accidents. we'll respond to a fire or
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we'll be involved in a bigger emergency around the city and this will be an opportunity for us to directly communicate to community members to give them information that might be valuable to them to help them get out and take cover and be safe. >> reporter: i know this comes on the heels of the palo alto police department doing a virtual ride along on friday. they gained about 400 new followers. did you see their success and say hey, we want to do the same thing? >> yeah. the palo alto police department did a ride along back in november. at that time, we started looking at the possibilities of doing one with the fire department. of course, the recent ride hey long with police chief dennis burns was also a really good inspiration for us to continue on the path. >> and you are in the silicon valley and pail lowe alto -- palo alto. you will be doing this from
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8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.? >> yes. if there's a lot going on, i might stay with them longer. but we'll be tweeting about everything that goes on in the firefighters' day. so we'll be telling you about all of the calls and we will be doing a lot of training throughout the day. we have a lot of interaction with the public. we do fire inspections. a lot of different things we have to take care of. i will be letting people know about those things. katherine capriles. we're gonna stay here for the next hour on "mornings on 2" and see how they gear up for it and see how successful they are getting followers on twitter so they can build a relationship with the community. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, janine. happening now -- google's stock price topping $800 for the first time. this comes five years after google shares initially
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barreled than $700 and then dropped. google's stock is up at $80 2. the dow is up -- $802. the dow is up. we'll have more on the stocks coming up. cyber attacks by the chinese military. what they are after here in the u.s.? a possible motive for the school shooting in newtown, connecticut, the shooting rampage, the gunman was trying to top. [ male announcer ] you think you know me.
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we're getting some rain picking through. it's picking up. things are beginning to move in. this will give us very low snow levels. possibility of thunderstorms later today. 7:14.
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new this mornings, al-jazeera is announcing a major -- morning, al-jazeera is announcing a major expansion to become a full-fledged cable u.s. network. we're learning that san francisco will be one of eight cities across the country where al-jazeera america will have bureaus. the network's headquarters will be in washington, d.c. the focus of the programming will be international news. health officials say a new virus that has already killed five people worldwide could spread to the u.s. most cases of the virus have been reported in the middle east. but it has also been detected in the united kingdom. symptoms include an acute respiratory infection, fever and a cough. doctors say it can lead to pneumonia and kidney failure. new evidence this morning that the chinese military is behind cyber attacks here in the u.s. as ktvu's kye ba campbell reports from our
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washington, d.c. newsroom, the attacks have been intensified over the years. >> reporter: this 60-page report released says a secret division of the chinese military carried out more than 100 cyber attacks on u.s. computer systems. the firm claims this secret group has targeted at least 20 different industries in the u.s., just once 2006. the report shows this military group targeted information technology systems the most followed by the aerospace public administration and satellites and telecommunications industries. when it comes to information stolen, the cyber security firm says the secret division of the chinese military got ahold of white papers and e-mails from high-ranking employees in the u.s. government. china's leaders deny these claims and they their country is a victim of cyber attacks. >> translator: 14 million chinese computers were attacked
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from ip addresses abroad. met of these attacks mumm -- most of these attacks come from the united states. >> reporter: the cyber expert is speaking out. what the u.s. says the government should do in response to these attacks. that's when i see you next. kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. thank you, kyla. later this morning, san francisco mayor ed lee and the giants are expected to make a major announcement about a waterfront project. we showed you yesterday about the mission rock development. it includes plans to build businesses and restaurants. the giants own the land and anchor brewing company plans to expand its operation with a second location at the site, the chronicle reports. the port still has to approve the project. mat cain is getting -- matt cain is getting ready for his opening day start. he will face the dodgers in los
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angeles on april 1st. cain led the giants to a world championship last year and pitched a perfect game in june. his opening day start ends four seasons in which tim lincecum opened the seasons for the giants. funeral services have been announced for former san francisco 49ers executive lou spadia. he spent more than three decades with the team died at the age of 92. his funeral is scheduled next tuesday. in addition to his work with the 49ers, he founded the bay area sports hall of fame in 1979. 7:18. there is a new report claiming the gunman in the newtown, connecticut school massacre was trying to top a shooting rampage in norway in 2011. reportedly, law enforcement says he saw himself as competing with the norway shooter who killed 7 people --
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77 people. but connecticut police are calling this speculation. the newtown gunman killed 20 children and six adults. a final report is expected by the summer. police here are hoping a gun buyback event claimed for this weekend in east palo alto will reduce gun violence in the area. gun owners can get up to $300 cash in exchange for each weapon turned in. the amount of money will depend on the type of firearm. police say the guns will be purchased with no questions asked and personal information will not be recorded. the buyback will take place on saturday between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. in the parking lot of east palo alto city hall. a top editor for the new york times is publicly responding to the tesla model-s controversy. a "times" reporter reportedly blasted the car after taking it out for the test-drive. he wrote that the car ran out
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of power quickly, forcing him to call a tow driver. he was questioned after reading aun hundreds of -- after reading hundreds of angry e- mails from fans. "did he use good judgments along the way? not especially." there may be a silver lining to high gas lien prices -- gasoline prices. a lot of car sales were driven by the presidents' day weekend. this is good news for the car dealerships. >> i see a big upturn compared to what last year was. we're about probably 15 more units ahead in what we did last year. i can see the economy is coming back. >> they say that sales are typically brisk on presidents'
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day because of dealer discounts. a lot of car dealerships use the holiday to launch their spring lines. on the heels of that warm spring-like weather we enjoyed over the weekend, winter has returned for the bay area. prepare yourself for cold and rain as you head out the door. up next. steve paulson is tracking the storm. a very unique dog saves the day. how she was able to pull her owners to safety from a burning house. we're looking at the seen of an injury clash was just cleared and did a little damage to the center divide there on northbound 280 in daly city. we'll tell you how the traffic is still unwinding and what you can do to get around it. mom, i invited justin over for lunch.
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the friendly gray whale calf swam right up to a whale- watching boat completely unprompted. passengers on captain dave's dolphin and whale watching safari were able to pet the whale and snap a few closeup pictures. a blind dog is credited for samping owners in a fire. the pug named ellie alerted her owners of the smoke detectors went off. luckily, nobody was hurt. b.a.r.t. plans a shorter test of the new rules for make taking bikes on its trains. bikes will be allowed on all b.a.r.t. trains including commute hours starting monday march 18th through friday, the 22nd. b.a.r.t. is installing more secure areas for bikes and will launch a campaign about bike etiquette. >> that will be interesting. let's check in with sal and
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see where the newschopper is? still over 880? >> it is and that crash was cleared. but newschopper2 is showing this big mess on 280 northbound and southbound in daly city. that's northbound on the left and southbound on the right there as newschopper 2 pulls back near hickey boulevard there. you will see that traffic is going to be busy as you come off the freeway here. southbound is busy as well because people were taking a good look at this crash that we have. in fact, southbound 280 is the busy commute but northbound is also slow. newschopper2 is going to be there for just a little while longer. the crash was northbound 280 at lickky boulevard -- hickory boulevard. add a little rain and it really does ramp up traffic times.
7:28 am
from concord to walnut creek you will see a lot of slow traffic. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. our system approaching. already we have hit-and-miss rain from the north bay, east bay to the peninsula 50s well. but the core of the system is moving into mendocino county and lake county. northern sonoma county will be a cold gray day and temperatures right off crescent city. we still have aways to go. very slow snow levels statewide. it will be northern california today and then southern california, southern sierra into arizona even if you are heading to spring training by tomorrow and even las vegas talking about snow and some of the peaks there. low snow level down to 2,000 feet. we have a winter weather advisory out until 3:00. 40s to 50s. oakland is at 40. watch out things pick up. ukiah, lakeport, upper lake, clearlake. there is a lot going on. if is up at the geysers, if you
7:29 am
can getting snow if you can let me know. san rafael, mill valley, i know there's been reports of plain in nova to you. back over to the peninsula -- novato. back over to the peninsula. south san francisco over to half moon bay, upper 40s, low 50s. very, very cold today. maybe some thunderstorms. a possibility of hail later this afternoon would not surprise me. after today, though, it does not look like much. there could be a ripple in the jeam maybe giving us a few showers on thursday. partly cloudy and cool and breezy the rest of the week. 7:27. it happened just hours ago. the olympic track star accused of killing hig girlfriend went back to court. his very emotional testimony and a surprising admission. >> reporter: a contra costa county family's brush with death. we will show you how a tree destroyed their home. we'll hear firsthand from the homeowners when "mornings on 2"
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good morning. a crash 280 northbound at hickey boulevard. our newschopper2 pulled up on it just moments ago as they were clearing it up. you can see the tow trucks were in position there. the pickup truck you see there at one point was overturned.
7:33 am
big mess there. chp did clear the lanes but now let's go to a live picture of -- from what we have here. this is 280. things are beginning to clear out as you drive through. however, it's still slow, especially on northbound 280 coming out of san bruno in south city. now that's southbound 280 on the top there. southbound 280 traffic is the commute direction and that's going to be slow as well. so if you are driving on 280 and you are leaving san francisco you are heading south, you should give yourself extra time. i also want to mention if you are trying to get up to 280 let's say at 19th avenue, you can see that's hickey boulevard below there. 280 southbound is a mess. we'll be tracking this storm all day. you can take our storm watch coverage with you on your smartphone or tablet with our ktvu mobile app. that includes stormtracker2 interactive radar. you can also receive weather alerts by signing up for mobile
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>> all right, sal. 7:31. the storm is really causing great concerns about falling trees. in fact, this morning, a diablo home has been red-taggeddard a huge oak tree -- red-tagged after a huge oak tree fell on it. tara moriarty has more. >> reporter: this family is probably believing in miracles this morning. take a look at the damage behind me. this tree just landed right smack in the middle of the roof there. it's really amazing that no one was killed when it crash crashed -- crashed. it weighs a ton. had i a hard timist willing -- i had a hard time lifting the branch. this all happened around noontime yesterday. yenneddy burman thought an earthquake struck. a nearly 400-year-old oak tree with the circumference larger than a dining room table fell on the burman's host.
7:35 am
we're near the diablo country club. northeast of dnaville. the largest branch fell feet from the kitchen where wendy burman was standing. >> my roof fell in right next to me. i just froze. i stood there. i thought is the rest of the house gonna come down on me? >> we'll get through it. it's a little emotional for my wife. but everybody is safe. >> reporter: burman says the old oak tree had been trimmed regularly and recently he had even had it inspected by an arborist. you can imagine how shocked he was when it came crashing down. he was even joking about it. the home has been red-tagged. the family's car and golf cart, destroyed. at some point the crews are expected to bring a crane out here. we'll tell you why the tree fell. it wasn't because the weather but something altogether different. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. in 30 minutes, the city of
7:36 am
oakland will be recruiting officers for the police court. oral board panels, consisting of a police officer, city employee will grill the candidates to see if they are the right fit for the department. it's a key part of the interview process. in the meantime, oakland city council is set to vote on a resolution that would keep highway patrol officers patrolling the city. they would pay them $160,000 over ten months to provide chp officers. chp officers started to assist the department back in november but the chp has been reportedly footing the bill, something they say they can no longer do. 7:34. sal is back. can you take care of the folks this morning? it's wet out there. >> it is. i'm just looking to see what the chopper has. our newschopper2 still has a look at daly city, 280 and
7:37 am
south city. let's go to it now. newschopper2 is showing us the commute here on 280. that's southbound 28 on the right. you will see -- southbound 28 on the right. the commute direction is recovering, but southbound 280 has not. if you are leaving the city and want to get down to the airport, usually 280 is a good call. it's getting better. that's 280 right there at serra monty boulevard. let's take a look at northbound and southbound. it's getting busier as you drive. at the bay bridge toll plaza, we have a 25 to 30-minute delay. a little dampen to the ground there making things slower. let's go to brian flores. it looks like you are in daly city on the side of the freeway. >> reporter: hi sal. we're on northbound 280.
7:38 am
traffic is flowing nicely. but as you mentioned as well, the major issue right now is the southbound traffic. as you can see, heading southbound on 280 and this accident happened around 6:40, it involved an overturned vehicle, a white pickup truck. it overturned, hit another vehicle and then emergency crews had to come by and take the drivers out. we understand they were taken to a nearby hospital. we don't know the extent of their injuries at this point but it did cause a little bit of a traffic issue this morning as we've been reporting on it. but as you can see, traffic is flowing very nicely right now. but again, the issue right now is the southbound traffic on 280. so be advised of that if you are heading to your pacific location. we're live here just off -- just north of westborough boulevard off 280. i'm brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right, brian. thank you. hello, everyone. we finally got a lot of rain in here. not a lot.
7:39 am
.25, .50. but this is a cold, cold system. there could be some thunderstorm activity later on. things are beginning to pick up. just heard from cobb county, a little bit of snow down to 1700 feet. the low is down here. right over your castle and mine. we haveaways to go. that means -- have aways to go. that means it will struggle. the winter weather advisory is out for all of the mountains in california, even into arizona. if you have travel plans to spring training and las vegas, they are talking about some advisories for snow. very low snow levels. we could get snow down to 1800 feet here. mount tam, mt. diablo, no doubt about it, mt. diablo. but maybe the santa cruz mountains this afternoon and evening. you might want to keep an eye on things. you might want to head home early to be advised. there's a very cold system, 40s on most of the temperatures.
7:40 am
below, it came right out of the gulf of alaska. it's making a bee line toward us. things will pick up a little bit later as this moves in. .25 to .50. because the dynamics of the low coming right over us, again, the possibility of hail would not surprise me. watch how things are picking up. you are seeing some of that rain turn to snow. northern napa into sonoma. this is an active system. it doesn't have a lot of moisture with it. santa rosa north, 101, up to cloverdale, things are picking up in st. helena and back to the east bay. there's there's a lot rain around fremont, auto mall parkway. a little around the peninsula. a little band near san gregoria. this is gonna send some interesting snow levels. i think 40s and 50s.
7:41 am
there's not a lot of snow with this but the sierra nevada could get a foot. until 11:00 tonight we have have a winter weather advisory. cold morning on wednesday. maybe a few showers into thursday. there's another ripple on the old jet stream which will go right over us on thursday. we'll stay cool and breezy. well, some snow, let's hope a lot of snow. but i don't know. with this system, we'll take anything as we can get. reporter brian hickey is live at donner summit. i know it's not much snow but it definitely looks cold there. >> reporter: yeah. definitely been cold all morning. we could use the snow. only about 75%. after seeing all of this on the side of the road, just a little dusting that fell overnight. we did have chain controls on interstate 880. those have been lifted as we've had a break for most of the morning. clouds are starting to thicken up, starting to see a snow flurry at donner summit. off in the distance, you can see the snow flurries starting
7:42 am
to blow in. certainly hoping that that foot of snow comes into fruition and that this next cycle of storms starts to bring in snow. not only for the water that we need to come out of the clouds. but also some snow for the resorts. conditions a little stale up there. i know the resorts need this. for right now, free sailing offer 880. that's definitely going to change today. caltrans has been out this morning making sure all of the drains and roads are clear. so once the storm getting here, they can be ready for it. that's the situation here. >> all right. good job, brian. >> there are a couple of systems that look like they will clip the sierra over the weekend. the court proceedings and the case against oscar pistorius is just beginning. as pam cook reports from our newsroom, there was plenty of emotional testimony in court
7:43 am
this morning. pam? >> yeah. it seems like this is gonna be one of these cases where more and more information comes in. this morning olympic athlete oscar pistorius said he killed his girlfriend but not on purpose. during a bail hearing overnight, pistorius said he shot his girlfriend riva steevkamp thinking she was a robber. in a statement read by his lawyer, pistorius described in detail what he said happened. he said he felt extremely vulnerable without his prosthetic legs and shot at the bathroom door -- door. prosecutors have charged him with murder and say it was premeditated. the family has been focused on grieving her loss. >> rereeva! >> in the months leading up to the month, her uncle said she wanted to be a voice against abuse on women. police in south africa have
7:44 am
said there had been other incidents of domestic violence at the pistorius' home in the past. now, the court had to take several breaks overnight and into the early-morning hours after pistorius broke down in tears. he will be back in court tomorrow to continue his bail hearing. reporting live in the newsroom, i'm pam cook. let's go back to dave and tori. >> thank you. 7:42. the specific action that's everyone mooing the stock markets this -- moving the stock markets this morning.
7:45 am
7:46 am
7:47 am
talkle more merger acquisition is sending stocks higher. reports that retailers, office depot and office max are discussing a combination after several corporate deals were announced in several weeks. sharps were up in early trading sharp. the dow is up 45 at 14,027, back above that 14,000 mark after yesterday's holiday and the nasdaq is up 11. s&p up 6. switzerland says it's not been asked to help in the u.s. investigation into alleged insider trader of the maker of heinz ketchup stock. that's despite a zurich account being at the heart of the matter. they say inside information was used before the announcement the company would be sold. that information was reportedly used to reason more than $1.7 million. senator john kerry has been advised not that takeart in any decisions about the h.j. heinz company if he becomes secretary of state.
7:48 am
his wife is the heir to the heinz ketchup fortune. they've also agreed to divest themselves of nearly 100 investments to avoid conflicts of interest. the body of a hike who fell to his death in alum rock park has been recovered. searchers found the man yesterday afternoon in an area of the park that's off limits to hikers. they say it appears he fell about 100 feet down a cliff while hiking alone in the park. >> the only bay out is the creek bed. it's slippery, wet, tripperrous. >> the identity of the hiker has not been -- it's treacherous. >> the identity of the hiker has not been released yet. a union pacific freight train stuck and killed a man in palo alto shortly before 10:00 last night. the train crew says the man
7:49 am
walked right in front of the train as it was moving across the crossing. it's still not clear what the man was doing on the train tracks. last night's fatal accident is not affecting this morning's commute. 7:46. a marin county coroner confirms a man involved in a weekend boat crash on san francisco bay has died from his injuries. 68-year-old harry holshower was on a small boat. it included with a golden gate ferry saturday afternoon. the operator of the motorboat is still in the hospital. now, the coast guard's investigating who is at fault but does say it appears the speed of the motorboat may have been a contributing factor. the coast guard will continue investigating the engine fire on the carnival cruise ship "triumph." investigators say there's no signs of arson. instead it appears an oil leak started it. there's still questions about when the leaking line was last inspected and why the damage was so severe.
7:50 am
the investigation is expected to -- is expected to wrap up by the end of the week. the jersey shore is rushing to rebuild before the summer tourist season but debris from superstorm sandy is still washing up onshore. officials say they are having a huff time -- having a tough time reading up with cleaning up the areas that have already been cleared. police in belgium are looking for eight men who stole millions of dollars worth of diamonds from the hold of an airplane. police say the men crashed through the supreme court fence around the airport with -- security court -- security fence around the airport. the men were dressed as police officers and had machine guns. they took 120 boxes, mostly containing diamonds, estimated at $50 million.
7:51 am
police found a burntout van close to the airport and are still looking for new clues. lawmakers in colorado's democratic-controlled house just passed four measures. the magazines limit to 15 -- limited to 15 rounds. it makes gun purchasers pay for their own checks. and bans guns at colleges and stadiums. a former adviser to president obama says it was probably a mistake for the white house news immigration plan to be made public. david axelrod says white house officials would probably take it back if they could. the leak proposal was published in "usa today" over the weekend. they say it's a backup plan just in case congress is not able to come up with an
7:52 am
immigration overhaul of its own. governor brown said last night said he's against the practice of -- he proposed giving more state aid with large numbers of low income and english learner students. happening right now, president obama is holding an event at the white house to pressure congress to head off the automatic spending cuts scheduled to kick in on march 1st. this is the president speaking right now. let's listen in. >> our top priority must be to do everything we can to grow the economy and create middle- class jobs. that's our top priority. that drives every decision we make. it has to drive every decision that congress and everybody in washington makes over the next several years. that's why it's so troubling that just ten days from now,
7:53 am
congress might allow a series of automatic severe budget cuts to take place that will do the exact opposite. it won't help the economy, it won't create jobs. it will create hardship on a whole lot of people. here's what's at stake -- over the last few years, both parties had worked together to reduce our deficits by more than $2.5 trillion. more than two-thirds of that was through some pretty tough spending cuts. the rest of it was through raising taxes, tax rates on the wealthiest 1% of americans. and together, when you take the spending cuts and the increased tax rates on the top 1%, it puts us more than halfway toward the goal of $4 trillion in deficit reduction that we need to stabilize our finances.
7:54 am
congress back in 2011 also passed a law saying if both parties couldn't agree on a plan to reach the $4 trillion goal, about a trillion dollars of additional arbitrary budget cuts would start to take effect this year. and by the way, the whole design of these arbitrator -- arby trayer cuts was to make them so appealing that the democrats and republicans would come together and find a good compromise of good, sensible cuts as well as closing tax loopholes and so forth and so this was all designed to say, we can't do these bad cuts. let's do something smarter. that was the whole point of this so-called sequestration. unfortunately, congress didn't compromise, they haven't come together and done their jobs. and so as a consequence, we have this automatic you, brutal
7:55 am
spending cuts poised to happen next friday. now, if congress allows this meat cleaver approach to take place, it will jeopardize our military readiness, it will risk creating jobs in education, energy and medical research. it won't consider whether we're cutting some bloated program that's outlived its usefulness or a vital service that americans depend on every single day. it doesn't make those decisions. emergency responders like the ones here today, their ability to help communities respond to and recover from disasters will be defrauded -- degraded. border patrol agents will see their hours reduced. fbi agents will be furloughed. federal prosecutors will have to close cases and let criminals go. air traffic controllers and airport security will see cut
7:56 am
backs which -- cutbacks which means more delays at airports across the country. thousands of teachers and educators will be laid off. tens of thousands of parents will have to scramble to find child care for their kids. hundreds of thousands of americans will lose access to primary care and preventive care like flu vaccinations and cancer screenings. already the threat of these cuts has forced the navy to delay an aircraft carrier that was supposed to delay to the persian gulf. as our military leaders have made clear, changes like this, not well thought through, not phased in properly, changes like this affect our ability to respond to threats in unstable parts of the world. so these cuts are not smart. they are not fair. they will hurt our economy. they will add hundreds of thousands of americans to the unemployment rolls.
7:57 am
this is not an abstract. people will lose their -- abtracktion -- abstraction. people will lose their jobs. these cuts known here in washington, known here as sequestration, are a bad idea. they are not good for our economy. they are not how we should run our government. here's the thing -- they don't have to happen. there's a smarter way to do this, to reduce our deficits without harming our economy but congress has to act in order for that to happen. >> you've been listening live to president obama speaking at the white house about the threat coming in a week and a half for across-the-board severe budget cuts. the president saying the top prity or the white house is to he grow the economy and create jobs. he says if these cuts come into place, he says it will severely
7:58 am
hurt the question, add hundreds of thousands to the unemployment role and he has to take care of spending cuts and increased tax revenue. the republicans said they have already agreed to tax families making more than $450,000 a year for extra taxes. congress is on break for the presidents' day holiday. they come back and then the deadline is next friday for the sequestration, as it is called, to take ticket -- to take effect. some are urging the president to push -- to be pushed back. we're gonna stay on top of this and talk to jamie dupree for more an alley sis on this -- analysis on this whole situation in washington. let's go to sal.
7:59 am
we've got a traffic mess in contra costa county. >> we have a crash at 680. the toll plaza is backed up for a 30-minute delay. on the east shore freeway, west 80, we had an accident near powell street. you can see traffic is very heavy. a cold rain is falling. north park, petaluma, lake county there's been about 2 inches of snow around the 2400- foot level. down to 1700 feet into lake county. this is a very cold system. it's on the way. rain is picking up through much of the north bay. the rainfall amounts will not be that heavy. .25 to maybe .50. cloudy, showers turning to rain. it will be a very cold rain. winter weather advisories. it's a first for google. what happened one hour ago,
8:00 am
it's causing a big buzz on wall street. >> reporter: off-and-on showers throughout the morning in petaluma as the cold, winter storm moves into the bay area. we're seeing the leading edge of it. we'll tell you why many people are glad the rain has returned. >> reporter: we're live in palo alto where firefighters are about to take everyone who follows them on twitter on aphid along
8:01 am
8:02 am
welcome back. i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clarke. we're on stormwatch. this is highway 101 in the north bay. drivers forbeating the wet roads. we have team coverage for you this morning. steve paulson here. he's at the stormtracker2 interactive radar watching everything for you. sal is busy covering several crashes because the rain and wet loads. but first -- roads. let's go to alex savidge live in petaluma. >> reporter: good morning. it's wet and very cold in petaluma as this winter storm system moves into our area here. we're seeing the leading edge of it. we have for the past couple of
8:03 am
hours. we're along highway 101 and the redwood highway exit. as you can see, traffic moving along okay but there's a lot of water building on the roadway. so be ready for a wet commute. it's definitely not coming down in buckets to say the least. but we have seen a decent amount of rain throughout the morning. the roads are slick and there's standing water. drivers we saw heading off to work giving their windshield wipers a workout. when it's all said and done, some spots could get up to .50 of rain by the end of the day. along with the rain. there are the chilly temperatures. this is a cold system. the national weather service is predicting this storm could potentially produce hail today. we talked to one man who has a farm and he says this long- awaited storm helps out the animals. >> this isn't so bad. it's good. we need it for the glass and that kind of stuff. we'll see. >> it helps you out? >> oh, yeah. i've got 13 horses.
8:04 am
other people help me out. they use some of the fields to put the horses in. and so this is great. yeah. >> reporter: the rain first began to fall around 4:30 this morning in this areale with you da -- but it rained for just a half-hour and let up. this is all just a preview of what's to come. heavier rain is expected to move into the bay area when we get into the late-morning hours and early-afternoon hours and keep in mind, the temperatures will stay low. you will want to bundle up out there. we bring you out to a picture, southbound 101 traffic. the roads are slick in this area. the traffic is moving nicely. let's see how the rest of the commute is around the bay area. sal castanedo here with that. >> right now, traffic is slow in many areas. it could be worse. the rain has not been all that hef but we have more than the usual -- but we have more than
8:05 am
the usual number of crashes because of the wet traffic. 680 northbound and southbound is a mess because of an earlier crash on 680. in fact, traffic is going to be really busy on southbound 680 from near highway 4 all the way down to walnut creek and into danville. 24 is a mess of on the east shore freeway, i want to ask the guys in the control room here if we could tilt down a little bit because 80 westbound is a mess. now, if they hear me and they can move the camera down just a little bit, and -- they might not even be there. but westbound 80 is a mess. there was a crash at powell street. there we go. yeah. the traffic is just messy. it's terrible as we look down. live tv is sloppy folks. i apologize. but i want to see what's going on. traffic is going to be busy as you drive down. the accident at powell was blocking lanes and we're gonna try to find that for you. thank you. >> let's go to the bay bridge
8:06 am
westbound. that's backed up for a 30- minute delay. we have quite a bit of a delay. it didn't even rain that hard. this is what happens. the rain is beginning to pick up a little bit. there you are. good morning. the system, the cold system, and even the storm prediction center, we call them spc has painted us for an area of thunderstorms. very strong system, strong dynamics. mendocino county, lake county, sonoma county, lake county. i had greta report in from middletown at 40. 2400-foot level about 2 inches of snow. very low snow levels from northern california all the way down to southern california, even arizona and las vegas by tonight and tomorrow. the sierra nevada they have to
8:07 am
wait. we have a winter weather advisory for peeks. mount tam, mt. diablo looks like a no-brainer. this system is coming in later. a very cold system. temperatures have just plunged. remember last week when it was 70 degrees? we'll be lucky to get over the 40s. it's really already cold. they are stuck most of the temperatures. but the coldest air comes in this afternoon and evening. look what's changing. you can see rain and snow mix up towards lakeport, upper lake clearlake into ukiah and sonoma county. sonoma county airport, steady rain, rohnert park, petaluma, bubba ther to ris said man, that's a cold rain out there. healdsburg, santa rosa, over to saint helena and novato and marin county back to hercules,
8:08 am
crockett. vallejo has had a little bit of rain. not a lot but some picking up towards palo alto, los altos. there's a little bit more upstream. that will pick up. you can see the whole system inching towards us. it's dropping straight down out of the north. 40s and 50s. that might be a little on the high side. it will be a very cold system. possibility of thunderstorms of hail this afternoon and very low snow levels. really cold air comes in. could be one more system clipping the coast on thursday. not a big deal. i wimention it. cool and breezy as we head into the weekend but a little bit better. 8:06. let's see more details. rainfall is a bit below average in several bay area cities compared to a typical year. santa rosa is at 93%. san francisco is at 85%. oakland airport 83% and san jose is 80% of normal rainfall.
8:09 am
we'll be tracking this new storm all day. you can take our storm watch coverage with you on your smartphone or tablet with our mobile app. you can receive weather alerts by signing up for mobile 8:06. developing news from southern california. several shootings this morning and at least three people are dead. it happened in tustin. that's about three hours ago -- it was about three hours ago, near santa ana and irvine. a gam shot in three locations. the gunman eventually killed himself. the police are saying in addition to the three people dead, several others were hurt. we'll bring you more details as we get them. back here at home this morning, police in hayward want to know if there are suspicious circumstances sudden rush hour the -- surrounding the death of a woman whose body was found behind a supermarket. she was found near the food
8:10 am
mart store on industrial parkway and want to know if she died of natural causes or if her death is suspicious. first it was palo alto police toking an online outreach. this morning, city firefighters are holing their own virtual -- holding their own virtual ride along. janine de la vega is live with more. >> reporter: good morning, tori. we're here at fire station 1, the busiest one in the city of palo alto. i've been monitoring palo alto fire on twitter. they just started their virtual ride along. they will be taking out engine 1. you can see actually see the chief speaking to the firefighters. it looks like she's taking a picture there. she will be tweeting live all day long. that he had 400 followers. that's not very money. in the last hour, thebaned 24 followers since we had it on the news and they hope it will be -- they have gained 24 hours since we had it on the news and they hope to get more. they will be going from call to call, whether it be a fire, a
8:11 am
medical emergency or car accident. in the last 30 minutes, the crew was getting their gear for the day ready. by gaining a following they hope to build relationships so when when something does happen, people can use social media and tweet them or go to the fire page and get information about emergency situations happening. >> in the floods in december, the underpass at page mill and alma was closed. pd was able to come in and able to put that information out on their social media. we did the same. we only had about 200 followers at the time. >> this virtual ride along comes on the heels of the palo alto police department doing the same thing on friday. our crew was there following the police chief as he tweeted all day. they gained 400 new followers just from doing that. this seems to be the trend.
8:12 am
forelaw enforcement agency and fire departments are using social media to community kate to the -- communicate to the public and just getting the message out. it's very important in an emergency situation. we'll be following the palo alto fire department as they go through this process through the day. they are just waiting for their first call. they are training in a little bit. we'll be monitoring that. and give you that at noon. reporting live from palo alto, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. 8:10. plastic bags have already been banned in many bay area cities. now redwood city will consider the switch to a reusable alternative. the bag ban would prohibit the distribution of single use except restaurants and ailers nonprofits. if approved, the ban would go into effect at the end of april. an informational meeting will be held at 7:00 tonight at the redwood city downtown library on middlefield road. 8:10. tonight, city leaders in the
8:13 am
east bay community of pittsburg, expected to take a final vote on a medical marijuana dispensary ban. staff reportedly recommended a citywide ban to help prevent robberies and burglaries an other criminal activist. if approved, the ordinance takes effect in 30 days. hayward city leaders could approve an ordinance to shut down internet cafes that double as illegal gambling operations. the city received reports that three cafes have been off -- have been offering sweepstakes online. letters were sent out to those businesses selling them to shut down the operations. at least one of the cafes is closed. the ordinance would impose a 45- day moratorium on the cafes while looking at long-term solutions. the stillly convalley is -- silicon valley is get betting
8:14 am
to be the next online fortune. they are turning average games into a wager for the older crowds. companies like facebook and zinga already have their eye on the market. bills for virtual gaming have been introduced here in california. now, oversea the online betting brings in about 32 billion a year -- oversees, online betting brings in about $32 million a year. google's stock price topped $800 for the first time. this is a live look at how stocks are trading. the milestone comes more than five years after the share initially hit $700 and the economy went into a recession not long after google reached that milestone. right now, google is trading at just over 800 and 802. you can see wall street is also up. the dow is up 42 above 14,000 once again. we'll have more on stocks
8:15 am
coming up shortly. 8:12. a chinese military unit is accused of hacking u.s. targets. how the chinese government is responding to these allegations. new problems for beau's 787 dreamliner -- for boeing's 787 dream inner. [ anouncer ] ihop is in time square to compare
8:16 am
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8:17 am
just $4.99. it's an epic breakfast sandwich. steady rain is talling to the north. it continues to move south. there's a snow/mix. possibility of thunderstorms and more snow levels for much of the bay area later today. if you are headed to sfo today, you may want to check
8:18 am
ahead to see if your flight is on time. virgin america posted a twitter message saying passengers may be delayed because of the weather. we just checked with sfo. so far they are reporting a few delaysby are expecting more because of a ground delay program that we kick into effect later this morning. oakland airport and san jose international are not reporting any delays right now. 8:16. there are new signs of battery problems for a japanese boeing 787. investigators found a problem with the secondary battery on the nippon jet that made an emergency landing last month. the ntsb says the battery has slight signs of swelling in two of the batteries' cells. authorities don't know if that could have caused another fire. southwest airlines bought airtran and they are finally starting to connect flights.
8:19 am
earlier, travelers had to buy a ticket for their travel on southwest and then a second ticket for airtran. right now only five cities in the southeast are connected. by the end of the -- by the end of the month 44 cities will be connected. all 97 destinations -- defendant nations including international ones will be connected by may. china is denying accusations that their military hacked into u.s. systems. a u.s. cyber firm just released a report that says this hacking has been going on for years. >> reporter: the firm laid out the claims in this 60-page report saying a secret division of the military packed -- hacked into u.s. computer systems to get into private information. this chinese group is made up of hundreds if not tosses of -- thousands of people. it's funded by china's military. the secret group got ahold of
8:20 am
business plans, white papers, even e-mails of high-ranking u.s. government employees. the report accuses the chinese military of trying to break into computers in 20 u.s. industries since 2006 and targeting the aerospace and public administration factors. >> translator: making allegations based on premature analysis is irresponsible and unprofessional. we expect to hear more from the white house on this cyber attack threat in a news conference in about 15 minutes. live in washington, kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news.
8:21 am
new numbers on veterange employment show young people who served are still struggling to find jobs. the unemployment rate for veterans who are 18 to 24 years old was more -- was more than 20% last year despite public and private efforts to help them find work. experts say many young veterans have trouble explaining how skills learned in the military will benefit private companies. san rafael is considering hiring a team to work on the city's homeless problem. today, the city will hold on -- will vote on whether to sign a one-year $272,000 contract with the palo alto-based nonprofit to help homeless people find work and rebuild their lives. the team would pick up trash and clean up the city. 8:19. it's gonna be a few more months before the city of san francisco enforces an overnight parking van on large vehicles. that ban prohibited motor homes and other large vehicles from parking in certain areas. but the examiner reports that
8:22 am
enforcement is expected to start in this may, two months later than expected. oakland's sports fans are rallying to keep pro teams from leaving the city of oakland. organizers with save oakland sports met last night to talk about plans for new stadiums. they say new facilities are needed to keep the as and raiders in oakland. this group is -- this group is working to generate corporate sponsors and get long-term commitments by the teams. the warriors were already planning to move to a new arena in san francisco. to college ball, a famous uc berkeley now is weighing in on the court-side shove. and we're talking about your weather all day. look out the window. you've seen the wayne. steve paulson will tell you how long we'll need our umbrellas.
8:23 am
good morning. westbound highway 4, improving a little bit. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather. [ male announcer ] are you a business traveler
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8:25 am
manti te'o getting ready for the combine. that's where the players get to show off their stuff. he says he's certain that the online girlfriend hoax won't
8:26 am
hurt his standing in the draft. most experts predict he will be among the top 20 picks in the nfl draft in april. 8:23. today, the men's basketball coach at cal will have more to say about that controversial court-side incident. mike montgomery said he let his emotions get the best of him when he shoved star player ail ben crabbe. yesterday, the pac-12 conference reprimanded mike montgomery. but leland yee says that punishment does not go far enough. he wants a suspension. >> shoving and pushing a student is not something that any teacher were going to be done. if this were a regular classroom, i would tell you that the professor or the teacher would be suspended. >> montgomery shoved crabbe with both hands during a time- out on sunday night's game against usc. the coach says he was angry
8:27 am
because he felt his star player was not giving it his all. montgomery issued an apology late yesterday. this is not the first coach controversy tied to the program. in 1993, the school's athletic director abruptly fired lou kampinelli. that was reported after abuse and profanity-laced tirades. sal, we have problems. what are you seeing? >> we've had a lot of minor crashes. a couple of major ones. you can see traffic is recovering after an earlier crash at powell street. you will see some slow traffic there. bay bridge, that's backed up. you can see traffic is backed up for a 30-minute delay getting into san francisco. it will take some time getting across and into the city. we're looking at 680. we had an earlier crash there on 680 that makes things slow. we move it ever to daly city. earlier problem is gone.
8:28 am
but southbound 280 is a mess leaving san francisco for san bruno. let's go to steve. rain falling, snow up into lake county. mendocino county, lake county. had some snow up to cobb mt. there's been hit and miss rain. but the system is dropping in and there could be thunderstorms. i know we're getting reports of snow mix near paradise, california, west at chico. the low is by eureka, crescent city. watch this. that's what has to come over us later. that's why i think this afternoon, things could get interesting. the rain is coming in, some of that rain coming to snow. once the low gets here, it may not get here until this afternoon. that would be prime time for the possibility of thunderstorms. even though it's not that warm. the days are not that warm. it's systemming in at a good time. 40s on the temperatures or right at 50. but i mean they are stuck.
8:29 am
winter weather advisory is out not only for much of northern california and the secret you but for us -- sierra but for us. it goes 3:00, 4:00. the cold low is trekking in our area. showers, rain. a cold rain for everyone here today. .25 to .50. i think it's a possibility of thunderstorms and very low snow levels that will be interesting. 40s on the highs. we'll take a look at the radar coming up. boy, more drama in south africa. the olympic track star auctioned of killing his girlfriend went back to court. very emotional. pam cook will tell you why this morning's tearful testimony forced a delay in his case.
8:30 am
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she has her life. i don't know what you have but i have kaiser permanente. kaiser permanente. thrive
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good morning. it is pretty wet in san francisco. it looks like it's rainer there and coming down pretty -- raining there and coming down pretty hard. the roads will be wet. it won't be great driving around the bay area. the snow is already coming down in this area. this is 880 where it's been snowing off and on since late last night. snow level -- levels could drop as much as 1500 feet. making travel hazardous at times. up to 10 inches of new snow is expected to fall. coming up in five minutes.
8:33 am
i will be back and we'll check in with steve for a look at where rain is falling right now. let's go back to the desk. falling trees are also a big concern as that storm moves in. a home in diablo has been red tagged after this. look at the pictures. a massive oak tree fell on the house even before the storm hit. ktvu's tara moriarty is live at the home. you've been out there since 4:30 this morning. you know more about what caused that tree to koppel over -- topple over. >> reporter: yeah. we just spoke to the homeowner. light behind me, you can see the wood chipper has you've a -- has just arrived. they are gonna stay with neighbors until they can figure out what to do. it's been an emotional time for his wife who was the closest where the tree fell. the family of four heard what sounded like an explosion, a nearly $400 -- a nearly 400
8:34 am
yield oak tree had fallen on top of the burman's house on alameda diablo road. we're near the diablo country club. the largest branches fell feet from the kitchen where wendy burman was standing. >> it's like the beginning of an earthquake. and it felt on building and getting closer and closer and it was like a huge explosion when the tree finely hit the house. it's only a house. my kids are safe. my wife is safe. i'm safe. and we can fix the house. >> reporter: no, burman says the -- now, burman says the trees were trimmed. the roots were diseased an that's what caused it to fall. the family's suv and golf cart are destroyed. at some point crews will be bringing a crane out.
8:35 am
the neighbors are offering help. this is a very tight-knit community. peter has been asking them to keep an open out for the black and white -- an eye out for the black and white cat who went missing after that. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. in 90 minutes, ed lee and the san francisco giants are expected to make a major announcement about a new waterfront project. brian flores joins us live from san francisco to talk about what's planned for pier 48. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning. waterfront redevelopment all started with at&t behind me. but imagine a completely different waterfront, one completely with restaurants, shops, housing as well, even a knew brewery that may start here at pier 48. mayor lee is expected to make a huge announce machine out the project. the project is along the waterfront and china basin park next to at&t park and will take up pier 38 and parking lot-a.
8:36 am
the mayor and giants are expected to make an announcement. a major brewery has signed on. anchor brewing company will occupy the space at pier 48 and build facilities there. project will cost about $1.6 million and will include fans to build 1500 apartments. the plan is nearly complete for a multi-use developments. once the project is complete, it would create more than howesing. it would create jobs for about 7,000 people. mayor ed lee says one of the top priorities is to keep jobs in the economy and there's still hurdles as we take it out live, you can see a lot of construction companying. you have to deal with the environment impact report. and then there's a meeting with the port next month. if all goes as planned, it do end by 2018.
8:37 am
we're live here in san francisco, i'm brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. let's go to sal right now at 8:34. you are watching the toll plaza, aren't you? >> we are watching the toll plaza we're looking at all of the commutes but it's pretty slow here. about a 30-minute delay. it's been slow because of today's weather. give yourself plenty of time. this is 101. i wanted to put it up there to show you it's not all that great. that's 101. now it's covered with water. this is a look at 101 on our maps. it's slow. a lot of red on the maps. 280 is a mess. 680 continues to be a mess as well because of earlier problems in walnut creek, especially in the southbound direction. at 8:35. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. as sal touched on rain, it's a cold rain. starting to move south. i will show you all of the radars here. the low responsible is right here. what? i know. it's way up here.
8:38 am
it has to come -- it looks like it's coming right over the bay area. somewhere around napa county, contra costa county, is the way it looks e we'll be in the window -- it looks. we'll be in the window for some snow, possibility of hail, maybe some thunderstorm act -- activity. the winter weather advisories in until about 3:00, 4:00. around the bay area, 2,000 feet and maybe lower. there have been reports into lake county lower than that and also up into mendocino county. this will filter in tonight until wednesday. temperatures near 70 to the upper 40s. a cold, cold system is moving into mendocino county, a lot of the green is turning to right. i know the temperatures have
8:39 am
been dropping. .25 at middletown. 41 degrees. that's a cold system. that's a steady cold rain, santa rosa, pelt luma, glen ellen, st. helena, yountville as well. a little too cold -- cold to walk to beaushon bakery. it's not that bad. stretching from hercules, crockett. richmond, mill valley and parts of marin county. nothing too heavy but almost of mooing over to berkeley -- but almost moving over to berkeley and oakland. the system will work its way in throughout the day. it will be a cold, cold day with 30s and 40s on the highs. some of the higher elevations will not get about above -- get above 46. highway 17 this afternoon in the santa cruz mountains. you might want to get home early.
8:40 am
i think that could make it down to 1700 feet. i think most of the system will be gone. another one coming in on thursday. after that, i think we'll be cool and breezy with your weekend in view. there will be a system to the neither north and east on saturday. 8:37. for the first time since he was arrested, we're hearing what olympic athlete oscar pistorius has to say about the night his girlfriend was killed in his home. pam cook is in the newsroom with what was said in a south african court early this morning. >> the court proceeds overnight had to stop for many breaks because oscar pistorius became very emotional. now, in a statement read by his lawyer, oscar pistorius says he felt vulnerable that night because he did not have his prosthetic legs on when he heard noises in the bathroom. he says that's when he pumped bullets into the locked door. then pistorius says he realized that his girlfriend, reeva steevkamp, was not in his bed.
8:41 am
he said it filled me with horror and fear. he says "she died in my arm the." steevkamp's family says they have to get through the grieving before they can focus on the case. >> we're gonna focus on the positive things that we remember about my sister and we'll try to continue with the things that she tried to make better. we'll miss her. >> at reeva's memorial, her uncle made mention of her wanting to be a voice denouncing abuse against women and protesters from an african women's group demand that oscar pistorius remain in police custody. police say neighbors heard a loud argument and gunshots couple from the home -- come from the home. police have said there were
8:42 am
other domestic violence incidents at pistorius' home. prosecutors are charging the athlete with premeditated murder, saying he fired shots into the bathroom where his girlfriend was cowhering after a shorting match on valentine's day -- shouting match on valentine's day. back to you. >> thank you, pam. 20 minutes before 9:00. a young nfl standout could spend the next 15 years in prison on weapons charges. 22-year-old daquan bowers of the tampa buccaneers has been charged with illegal possession po -- gun possession. police found a firearm in his luggage at la guardia airport. attorneys for retired drew peterson will push for a new murder trial today. they will argue his former lead trial -- his former lead lawyer
8:43 am
botched the trial. peterson faces 15 to 20 years in prison after being kicked of murdering his third wife. president obama has a new warping for congress. >> this is not an yab traction -- be a -- an abstraction.
8:44 am
8:45 am
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[ male announcer ] the simple joy of having more to love. stocks are higher on wall street amidtalk of more merges and acquisitions. [no audio] >> the nasdaq is up 10. s&p up 7. 8:44. let's bring you up to date on some of the other top stories we're following for you. this is an historic day for
8:47 am
google. the stock price topped $800 for the first time. that milestone comes more than five years after google's shares initially hit $700. the economy went into a recession not long after google reached that milestone. wet roads contributing to more crashes in your morning commute. newschopper2 shot this injury accident. this was on interstate 280. it barked under traffic in daly city and south san francisco. we have new video from orange county in southern california. a gunman went on a rampage just a couple of hours ago, killing at least three people and wounding several more. it started with a carjacking at 5:00 this morning. it ended with a gunman killing limb self less than a half-hour later. investigators are now looking at -- hilling himself less than a half-hour later. investigator -- investigators are now looking at several crime scenes. president obama says if congress doesn't act to stop
8:48 am
the automatic spending cuts on march 1st, jobs like theirs will be on the line. >> these cuts are not smart. they are in the fair. they will hurt our economy. they will add hundreds of thousands of americans to the unemployment rules. this is not an abstraction. people will lose their jobs. jamie dupre joins us via skype with the battle brewing between the white house and the republicans. what do you see happening here? >> reporter: this was a very classic use of the bully pulpit with the congress out of town and nobody here in the capitol from the republican side to respond. the president has a chance to drive the news cycle over the next couple of days. he opened up in his first event after returning from a weekend of golf in florida by going after the republicans all but demanding that they act immediately on something to avert this $85 billion in cuts. a lot of people have been asking me, are these actual cuts. >> these would be in this year's budget. later on there would probably
8:49 am
be more reductions. that's why the defense department, a lot of domestic agencies arguing that it will cost thousands of jobs. i do have to add. there is a number of republicans wonder if this is not a little the sky is falling chicken little rhetoric. they want to take a wait and see and see what departments do in terms of furloughs and cuts. >> you bring up a good point. the republicans saying that, you know, they just want to have a lot of cuts. the government is clearly spending too much. let's listen to what the  president says because he has some real problems with the republicans' response. let's listen to his comment and then talk about it. >> so far at least what they've expressed is a preference where they would rather have these cuts go into effect then close a -- than close a single tax loophole for the wealthiest americans. not one. that's not balanced. that would be like democrats
8:50 am
saying we have to close our deficits without spending cuts whatsoever. >> it's the same old argue machine where the democrats want to increase revenue and the republicans want to cut spending. >> reporter: yeah and listening to the words that the white house is having the president use and i think you will hear this attack line a number of times. it's an old one, a very familiar one from democrats. they will try to say, look, we want to reform the tax code to take away some of these loopholes and the republicans they just want their rich friends to keep everything. the republicans know they will hear a lot about this. but they argue the democrats want to get away from the cuts. if you look at the plan unveiled last week, a lot of their budget cuts would be in the plan to replace the sequester, they wouldn't take place until later and would focus on farm subsidies and the military. they don't want to agree to
8:51 am
anymore now. it's the age-old question, where is the middle ground? i don't see much of it with the march 1st deadline looming. >> what do you think is gonna happen next week? are they gonna reach a settlement or kick the can down the road. i will bring my magic 8 ball in. something tells me, we'll is have a last-minute flurry of action when lawmakers come back. if i had to bet right now if there was a betting window i would say the cuts will go into effect but they won't be into effect for several weeks later while the various departments figure out what to do and that will give congress several weeks to fight about it. >> thank you, jamie and you can find a link to jamie's insider blog at pull down the news menu bar and go to tower politics page. we're finding out more about that the u.s. postal service conference we told you about yesterday here on "mornings on 2." 400 of the people going to next month's national postal forum
8:52 am
conference will be u.s. postal service staffers, including the postmaster general. the documents obtained by the washington, d.c. bureau show the travel, exhibit space and other incidentals will cost the postal service more than $2 million. this comes just weeks after announcing they are gonna cut some saturday service. >> be concerned about the -- about ratch eting back some of what -- ratcheting back what may be perceived as luxurious amenities. >> the postal service says it will make it money in the long run by creating future business and sales leads. organize say they are targeting businesses here and that could lead to new business. al-jazeera is announcing a major expansion to become a full-fledged cable news channel in the united states. earlier this year, the arab
8:53 am
news network purchased currenttv. we'll -- we're now learning that san francisco will be one of the eight cities across the country where al-jazeera will have bureaus. the headquarters will be in washington, d.c. the focus of the programming will be international news. new zealand plans to remove remove logos from cigarettes. the new policy follows an australian law that replaces company logos with graphic warnings against smoking. office depot and office max could soon join forces. both companies are under pressure from investors to boost their profits. a merger would help them cut cost, close down stores and also increase their leverage with suppliers. they meet with -- they compete
8:54 am
with zaples as well pass am ma -- staples and, and walmart, costco and target. a horse meat scandal in europe scandal continues to grow. the new recall and why horse meat could be a new threat to humans. if you are driving in the 680 corridor, you will still see a lot of slow traffic. i will tell you what's going on there and in other commutes coming up.
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:57 am
burger king is apologize. they say they asked twitter to suspend its account after someone started posting obscene messages. the hacker changed burger king's picture to a mcdonald's logo. burger king hopes to have its account working soon. this morning a horse meat scandal in europe is getting better. nestle says tests confirm that beef pause saw had traces of horse dna. those meals were taken off the market. this begins an investigation into how horse meat was labeled as beef and a variety of products sold in several european countries. >> nobody checks what's on the palette often enough, nobody checks the finished product enough. >> officials say horse meat on
8:58 am
its own does not pose a health risk. however, anti-inflammatory drugs given to horse are not safe for humans. today's ticket tuesday winners will get to see mike tyson's knockout. february 28th at the theater. this is a rare look inside the life and mind of this champion. for your chance to win, go to before midnight and put in the secret word "heavyweight." it should be an interesting show. >> some people say he does a great job in miss performance. sal -- in his performance -- sal, you've been doing a good job. >> one of the tweeters says he see as crash and geary and laguna with a car that -- car
8:59 am
that ran into a tree. that's from twitter. we're trying to confirm it. no reason to think this person is lying. rather reliable. let's take a look at the commute 680 southbound. you can see it's still pretty slow coming from concord to walnut creek. we've seen a lot of slow traffic there. take a look at the bay bridge. that's backed up. that will -- it will be a big delay getting into san francisco. you will have to wait 30 minutes plus before making it on the span. and in san francisco, a little bit of wet weather moving through and traffic is moderately avenue. steve, is it gonna lane in san francisco for the rest of the day? i think off and on. also a very cold day. possibility of thunderstorms. winter weather until 3:00 or 4:00 this afternoon. maybe down to 1800 feet. really cold air comes in. one little system thursday. after that, i think we go partly cloudy, cool an


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